Declutter Negativity

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Hi Guys! It’s me – unedited because I’m trying to make this short and sweet. Who has FOMO? For those of you who aren’t familiar, FOMO stands for fear of missing out. I have modified FOMO. While I prefer to live a drama free life where I don’t get mixed into the mess, I am guilty of enjoying watching it unfold. However, one of the downsides to this is that I follow drama on social media. Following drama means lots of negativity. So how is this affecting me and maybe even you?

I have three Instagram accounts right now. I use two. One for my blog and one for my personal life. My blog one I follow only positive. Positive hash tags, positive influencers, positive people! My personal one is a mash of everything in my life including celebrities I like, etc. My blog Instagram inspires me, gives me life, and feeds my soul. My Facebook is such a mix of politics, media feeds, and unfiltered opinions that it causes a lot of negative feelings. I get fired up at those who use their voice to bash others, to criticize, and to belittle other humans. I’ve learned to not engage in these things that light my fire but that doesn’t stop people from spewing negativity. So I compared my feelings as I scroll Instagram vs. Facebook and I’m telling you now, decluttering negativity moved to the top of my list real fast. As I’ve come across profiles and pages that gave me negative feelings I unfriend, unfollowed, or took it upon myself to exit the situation!

You know what it changed? It allowed me to enjoy a million pictures of babies, stories of love, and updates from around the world. It allowed me to have positive feelings instead of causing me to grit my teeth as people attacked my religion and received likes as if it was okay.

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet, I wanted to make room so I can put my vision board that I’m working on in there. I gathered two bags to donate and two bags of trash! It lifted a weight that I didn’t know I was carrying. Unfollowing, unfriending, and cleaning up my social media gave the same feeling of free!

We have but one life, one short little time on this Earth and it’s not to be wasted. I don’t want to spend my life angry. I don’t want to be a keyboard warrior and I don’t want to give them any power over me. I choose joy, and I’ll choose it every day.

Let Go, Let God.

God Bless!

– E

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