Where is your point?

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Don’t worry, I’m not complaining about a long drawn out story. I’m wondering where your point of no return is. Where is your breaking point? Where is your enough is enough point? Where is your point?

I’ve reached my budget breaking point. After six weeks away from home, traveling to Michigan and back to Texas, my bank account was not happy with me. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the money to be in a comfortable spot, we had lost the discipline. I had become lazy with our budget. I had fallen for the convenience of picking up dinner and fallen out of the habit of saving money. This is hard to admit but I fell back into baby step two (Dave Ramsey followers know what I’m talking about). I had used my credit card to allow us to do whatever we wanted on our trip. In all this wasteful spending I found my breaking point. I found my enough is enough point. I redid September’s budget, I looked up what we had spent eating out this summer (YIKES!), and I said enough is enough!

I’d put us in a spot I didn’t want to see again, but here is the weird part, I got excited! I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Elizabeth, how could you get excited about being in a tough spot financially?”. Well, the answer is simple, because I saw a challenge to conquer. I saw an opportunity to improve myself and my family. I reached my point. So looking at estimated money coming in, and then I divided it into my various categories – groceries, gas, rent, utilities, entertainment, credit card (boo!), and savings. When I gave us a budget for what we could spend in these areas I became very aware of how much money we had wasted and I put it towards digging myself back out. I saw it as hope for what we could start saving, investing, and putting towards memories.

You can do it too! I fully believe Dave Ramsey can work for everyone if you’ve reached your point. If you’ve reached the enough is enough point, I believe that you can change your story. You can be debt free! I’m happy to answer anyone’s questions about the Dave Ramsey method and help you get your finances straight! However, I must warn you, it may not be easy. It might be really, really hard. If you are ready to give up the excuses you can be successful. It may mean you can’t eat out, it may mean you have to put a pause on vacations and look for free entertainment. You may have to cut Netflix, your Starbucks addiction, or switch your phone company. It’s worth it though. It’s worth it to change your path. Now you may be thinking it didn’t work for me because I fell back into step two (Paying off debt), but it wasn’t the system, it was me. I got lazy. I stopped pushing. I’m ready though. Ready to never see baby step two again.

It’s not just about finances. Maybe you’re in a great place financially but you’ve hit your breaking point in another area (I have too), this can still be an exciting journey. Are you ready to watch the numbers go down on the scale? Ready to sign up for a new class? Ready to finish the cleaning out the garage? Ready to de clutter? Ready to begin? Send me a note. Leave a comment. Share your journey. Leave the past where it belongs and look forward to the excitement of reaching new milestones. Let’s go! I’m ready to see you thrive.

— EM

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