Slow down. By choice or by force.

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The world has slowed down by choice and by force. It’s a scary time of uncertainty and worry. I remember weeks ago as whispers started and the panic buying started grabbing a pack of toilet paper from Costco and two cases of water after seeing a line of people dragging away carts and pallets full. My chest tightened and I felt a wave of panic and uncertainty as my son asked if we could take the cart into the giant fridge. I forced a smile and pushed him through the frigid room as he giggled. I headed towards the fridge containing the giant pack of chicken nuggets he and I like to eat and wondered if I could find hand sanitizer somewhere. Mind you we don’t typically buy hand sanitizer and had just purchased a large refill of soap. So I took a minute. Took a deep breath and smiled as my son said, “look mama chocolate eggs!”

You see, that brief moment allowed me to remember who is truly in control. No amount of hand sanitizer is going to keep God from taking me if it’s my time. So we finished our shopping strolled back to the car and went home. In the coming weeks the panic buying intensified but we continued to pray and trust in God’s plan and have been blessed to find our weekly needs (except mint oreos, who is hoarding those???).

Through all this uncertainty it’s reminded me to turn to the Father and He is sure to take care of us. My children don’t know what’s going on. Their biggest gripe is we can’t go to the park. But we still laugh every day, eat as a family, watch movies, and play. They trust in myself and my husband to provide for them as we always have. And we in turn trust in God to take care of us.

My prayer and relationship with God tends to increase when I’m struggling. If we’ve ever talked about prayer you may know I pray most when I have headaches and migraines because it truly is a pain that I just cannot handle, and I’ve given birth to three babies without any pain medication! This crisis has been a blessing on my relationship with the Lord and I’ve started reading the Bible each day.

Is God calling you to him? Is he asking you to slow down and trust him? Is your trust in the world or the Word? Take this time to carve out time with God. Our country and the world as a whole could use prayer now more than ever. I’m praying for you. Trust in Him.

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