One makes the Difference


Have you ever thought about how it only takes one “thing” to make a difference? One dollar between enough and not enough. One workout between a habit and building the habit. One day between in love and in like. One step between unfinished and complete. You get the idea…

So, you may say I’m simplifying it, but am I? Yes, I know there are many steps, many dollars, and many days to get to point B from point A but it all started with one step too. I want you to start towards your goals and then I want you to keep going. Yes, you’ll have to take more than one step towards your goal, but you won’t reach it at all if you don’t do the one thing that moves you closer. You want cross that line into success if you don’t do the one last thing that pushes you into a new level. You need to do one thing.

My ultimate desire is to write. I am a mom of four little ones who are all home right now on summer vacation. I work part time from home. I bake cookies as a side hustle. I have a husband who I love and want to spend time with at the end of a busy day. Our house does not clean itself. Dinners need to be made. Appointments need to be scheduled. Boo-boos need to be kissed. So where does writing fit? Some days it doesn’t. Some days I have a million excuses and I just don’t take a step towards my ultimate dream to be a writer.

Today I’m taking a brief moment to write. To put something out there. To put my thoughts onto paper/screen… One step. It’s one step of many, but if I don’t take it, I won’t get any closer to my goal.

What is your one step today? Where are you going? What are you working towards? Take the step. Do the one thing. Build the habit. Do the work.


2 comments on “One makes the Difference”

  1. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing – The first step is the hardest. Hearing how you try so hard to add writing into your daily routine, while already having such a busy lifestyle , is the exact motivation I needed today. There is something I procrastinate with and thanks to your post I will push myself to take action now!


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