This Season of Life

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This season of life is a busy one! As some people prepare for the literal changing of season from Summer to Fall, I prepare for more summer. Living in South Texas, we don’t get to experience true Fall!

I grew up in South East Michigan where Fall is my favorite “F” Word! The cool, crisp air, the warmth of a late night bonfire, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet, the taste of warm donuts and hot apple cider!

However, this isn’t the season of life I’m talking about. The season of life I’m in is a balancing act that leaves me exhausted at the end of each day (and sometimes at the start of each day too!). I’m a work from home mom of two crazy kiddos! I have a beautiful three year old daughter who has just as much sass as she does sweet. My son just turned one and is exploring this world with his carefree attitude. He’s currently occupied by a camping chair and a pair of his daddy’s shoes!

This season can be stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic, but it’s always worth it. So join me as I take a leap to follow my dreams and live my best life ever. Today I start living with a purpose and allowing myself to be more excited than worried. I invite in more joy and less stress. I choose happiness. I choose Grace and Not Perfection. Come join me!

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