Onward ever, backward never

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Do you feel like giving up today? Have you recently felt like your efforts are not paying off and you’re done trying? I’m here to say keep going. Don’t give up.

I want to make it clear if you’re looking to give up a toxic environment or a horrible relationship then do follow that strength and move onward and upward. However, if you’re ready to give up on a dream, I’m asking you to keep holding on.

I’m currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – an author I love! The book is about creative living beyond fear. I love the whole message the book has offered me. However, today I read the short little sentence with the big punch, “Onward ever, backward never”. A gentle reminder to keep going. Life is often about timing. The right day to submit your work, the perfect timed call, the day that you feel rested enough to push your effort in your specific area of focus. What does that mean for you?

For me it means writing. It means baking a new design. It means trying a new recipe. It means considering the idea of submitting my work. For you it might be trying to beat your personal record. It might mean asking your boss for a promotion. It might mean walking into the gym for the first time.

Life is full of set backs. I know there are days we feel we take one step forward and two steps back. But what if we don’t give up? What if rejection doesn’t close the door all the way? What if we turn the handle again? I’ve failed many, many times. I have never given up. Take a break if you need to but then get back to it. Dust yourself off. There is not a person on earth that can control your dreams, except you.

Onward ever – keep pushing. Baby steps are still steps. One thing. 15 minutes. Right now.

Backward never – don’t give up. Don’t look back. Don’t wallow in what ifs. Don’t focus on the rejection or the setback.

Today. Right now. Make your move. Let your voice be heard. You. Can. Do. It!


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