Crushed and crushing it!

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Saturday I woke up with a headache and a exhaustion I couldn’t shake. I struggled through the day, celebrating that I was able to make dinner and do baths!!

I had a long to do list that remained undone. I was crushed and couldn’t push past it. Sunday I tried to play catch up with very little luck.

Fast forward to today.. I crushed it! My experience on Saturday told me that my body needs some attention. I’ve been fueling it with junk and exercise has not been a priority. Today I was so tempted to relax after dinner and baths but an excited little boy and energetic little girl begged for me to play tag. The squeals and giggles as I chased my daughter while I held my son were worth it. As my son waved his hand in excitement and my daughter ran faster, laughing every time she rounded a corner I was glad I hadn’t let them down!

After my son was in bed for the night and I collapsed into the chair my sweet girl asked if we could clean up for daddy, she loves to make him happy. I pushed myself back up and cleaned so that she and I could work out together. I chose a dance video and Sadie was so excited to dance with me!

So today I crushed it! For myself and for my roll as mom! We need days to relax and days to run, days to heal and days to push ourselves.

Tomorrow I may not feel as strong but today it’s the little things that made me feel my best, because as we all know, nothing beats the joyous laughter of kids.

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