Season of Change

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The season of change is fast approaching, but before the leaves fall my family is also changing. No we’re not growing in numbers but we’re growing! This week my sweet daughter got a big girl bed! This also meant the transition into the crib for my son.

It’s such a small silly change that is still a milestone in their little lives. My little girl is so excited to be in her very own big girl bed! The other great news is my son is sleeping better in his crib! Which means mama is sleeping better!

With fall around the corner for some, not those in south Texas but those back home, it’s a time of change. For some it’s just the weather, for others it’s their whole season of life. Within my own circle of people we have people adjusting to the deaths of loved ones, divorce, miscarriage, births, marriages, promotions, and new jobs! It’s scary and it’s exciting.

We only get one chance at this life. So what are you doing with it? Where is there waste? What isn’t making you happy? What are your struggles?

So on this Friday night I soaked in baby snuggles, I shared a handful of candy with my toddler, I stopped running full speed to relax. You don’t get this time back. This season of life is moving so fast. You’re going to miss it. You’re going to miss your toddler asking for another glass of water, saying they’re so hungry at 9:00 PM, asking why over and over and over!

Slow down. Take a moment. Enjoy this season. You’re in it. It’s happening right now. Blink and it’s gone. The season is changing, time to slow down and enjoy it.



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