When Life Keeps you Busy!

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I’m jotting this blog down while my mind races off to tomorrow. I try my best to pull it back in but it’s useless, it’s gone.

Some days my life is a haze of diapers, phone calls, to do lists, messy hands, and a messy house. My life is full of obligations, wants, and needs. I’m hitting pause. I’m taking a moment to sit and relax before bed.

I’m doing my best to finish the year strong and be fully prepared for a successful 2019! I’ve got my planner. I’ve got my fitness plan. I’ve got my financial goals. I’m ready!

Today my focus was on taking the first step towards healthier habits. Tomorrow I de-clutter my apartment to rid myself of waste! Favorite, best, necessary.

I’m going to keep today short, as part of my healthier habits is to get to bed earlier! I want to finish by saying you control more about your life than you think. If you’re unhappy, don’t expect it to change without a little effort on your part. If you’re not living your best life, hit pause, reevaluate, and change your story!

I’m changing mine. Un-pause.

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