In a world of Eeyores – Be Tigger

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I don’t know about you but my social media is filled with negativity. Oh how I miss scrolling through wedding photos, baby pictures, and puppies. Where did all the funny memes go? Everything I see is political complaints, people trashing others for their views, and this constant need to be right – no matter who people are hurting. It’s exhausting.

Why have we been so consumed by the negative? Why has it become acceptable to spew hate? Why does no one bat an eye at the ugliness we’re surrounded by? Where are my Tiggers?

Elizabeth, what do you mean? I mean, where are my bouncing full of life people? Where are the smiles, the positivity, where is the love? In a world full of Eeyores – be Tigger. Eeyore will always be around to focus on the negative and to only see the rain and not the rainbow. Tigger will dance in the rain, comment how much we needed it, and see the beauty in the rainbow that follows. Be Tigger.

I’m writing this on my own heart. Eeyores love making new Eeyores. It’s proven that surrounding yourself with negative people actually brings your mood down. It rubs off and you engage in the same behavior they do. A simple comment or question causes you to snap back without a care for the person receiving it. It doesn’t bring you joy in the exchange, it just brings you down to the level of other Eeyores. The good news? Tiggers do the same. They focus on the positive and it spreads as long as its welcome.

As you scroll through social media – a picture of a new baby or funny meme will have a far more positive impact on your day then a political rant that points fingers and uses words full of hate and anger. So why do we engage? Why do we allow ourselves to be surrounded by this type of feed? I don’t have the answer for that. I’m guilty of stopping and reading these rantings, rolling my eyes, having an internal dialogue about it because I know the damage of engaging with Eeyore.

Today I vow to spend more time being Tigger and more time finding other Tiggers. I’m going to oo and ahh at the good life has to offer. I’m going to smile when my son comes out of the bathroom with his underwear on backwards or both feet in one hole (both happened yesterday). Or when my daughter puts two bows right at the front of her hair because it makes her happy. My kids are definitely Tiggers, as I feel most children are. Let’s get back to that. Let’s get back to the love of the simple things. Be Tigger!

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