Sunday Light

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I took a hot bath the other day. The kind that are so hot it makes your nail beds hurt. The kind that even after you’ve adjusted to the temperature, one piece of flesh that wasn’t covered by water dips under and it feels like knives across your skin. The way I describe it makes it feel more like torture than a relaxing escape. To me it was perfect.

I took this bath with one single “Heritage Pumpkin” scented candle. To me it brings me home on a chilly day which, while rare in Texas, have been happening more lately. I thought about how busy I had let myself become, how worn out I was running myself. I stopped and I prayed. I prayed for God to show me a light, a glimmer that there would be rest soon. Last week my house took turns getting sick, thankfully I escaped the virus that took down my children and my husband, but it forced me to be caretaker to all in addition to my regular responsibilities.

Then Sunday came. Sunday brought Christmas decorations, time with family, and for a brief moment – a clean house. This Sunday my husband was home, which rarely happens. I feel God knew how badly I needed Sunday, how badly I needed that light.

God hears us. He knows how much we can bend before we break. He knows when we need rest. He knows when we need Him.

It’s Wednesday morning, the end of a short work week. I’m looking around at a mess of toys, a lit up Christmas tree and the clock that lets me know I have 6 more minutes to switch into work mode. I need these mornings. I need this hour where I read and write for just one hour before the chaos starts. I need this rest. I need this time to escape and to be myself.

What lights up your life? What is it that you need to feel like yourself? Do it. Now. Before the kids get up…

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