Stealing time

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I’m writing this from my phone as I may have just seconds before my whole house is awake. I’m typing this with one hand and drinking a hot cup of coffee with my other.

I’m stealing just a brief moment with my baby babbling by my side. Since moving to our new place I haven’t been able to get many quiet moments alone. The gate squeaks when you open it to go downstairs and every step creaks. You can hear my bare feet on every step of the hardwood steps. Our old place was one floor, no gates, and carpet. I loved that place. It was so easy to wake up, sneak to the living room and just sit in silence. Now, I’m stealing moments.

I’m able to go to the gym alone, get my nails done, sit for an hour at Starbucks but these moments are better. Randale, if you’re reading this don’t take those moments away πŸ˜‰

As much as I love my time alone outside of the house, I really enjoy the early morning hours with my family upstairs. Now of course I didn’t finish this post without hearing my son calling mama from his crib. When I went to retrieve him my daughter was sitting up in her bed. So I scooped him into my arms, grabbed her hand and headed down stairs. My coffee is now cold but my heart is warm. My son is still babbling beside me and the chaos is about to begin. Soon I’ll be rushing to pack lunch, make a proper breakfast, get everyone dressed and out the door. But for just a few more minutes, I’m going to enjoy the calm.

I encourage everyone to endulge in me time, whatever me time makes your heart happy! Steal those little moments.

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