That’s So Cliche..

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Brain dump day! I’ve had a lot rattling around in my head lately…

“Did I switch the loads? Is it bath day? Did the baby eat any of his food? Is it Tuesday or Friday? Where is my to do list? There’s my pen! Where did your clothes go? Is it bedtime?”

Life is too short! I know that’s so cliche to say (and heck that’s cliche too!) but it’s true. As I tried to get it all onto paper I wanted to hold back. I didn’t want to write some of the things that fill up the space in my head. Negative thoughts. Failures. Stressors. My imperfections and my greatest fears. Write em down!

It felt so nice to have everything scribbled across that sheet of paper and it put a lot of things into perspective for me. I beat myself up for the goals I set and then ignore. Trading in momentary pleasure for long lasting rewards. I can’t be my best me when I’m always beating myself up for failing.

In reading through so much of what has been stealing joy from me I realized three things:

  1. I need to take better care of myself
  2. God has a plan and He will provide
  3. I am enough

Now you could break these things down to dozens of things I’ve learned but at the end of the day these three stick out the most.

I need to let myself rest, give myself grace, and trust God. I need to take time to fill my cup or I won’t be any good to my husband or my children.

My challenge to myself (and to you as well) is to find what fills your cup and make sure you take time to do that! I’ve started a list of things that fill my cup and I’m working to incorporate them into my days. Some things on my list:

  1. Having an uninterrupted cup of coffee
  2. Getting lost in a good book
  3. Writing
  4. Listening to music
  5. Manicures/Pedicures

What’s on your list?

I need to take more time with my Bible. My days always go better when they start with God. A passage. A page. A chapter. It is something that I have neglected. My excuse has been the baby wakes up so early and I have to jump right into work and, and, and… So? When my son was a much younger I used to just read the Bible to him. Why did I stop? Starting tonight I need to draw closer to He who provides!

Finally, I am enough. I am worthy of love. I deserve joy and happiness and all of life’s blessings!

What brings you joy? What fills your cup? Take a moment and indulge because you deserve it!

1 comments on “That’s So Cliche..”

  1. This was really good! I often find myself thinking I should be doing more things and all of them drop because of short term little things that just come up. Such like my health and professional life.
    Nice way to put it though, never thought of writing it down or to tell myself I am enough and that I deserve good too.

    Thanks for sharing Em.


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