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Write Your Story

Have you ever thought about what chapter you’re on in life? How far into your story are you? Are you writing it? Are you letting it just happen? Is it something you’d want to read? Our birth starts our story, in the early stages our parents or caregivers write it for us as they teach

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Be You Bravely

As I work to switch my mindset from the weekend to the work week I thought about what other switches might need to be flipped. The biggest switch I need to flip off and never turn on again is how often I compare myself. I do it effortlessly. I do it without knowing. And I

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When Life Keeps you Busy!

I’m jotting this blog down while my mind races off to tomorrow. I try my best to pull it back in but it’s useless, it’s gone. Some days my life is a haze of diapers, phone calls, to do lists, messy hands, and a messy house. My life is full of obligations, wants, and needs.

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