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I’m Stronger

I turned 32 three weeks ago and flipped a switch. I was done being out of shape and tired all the time. So I started eating better and running. But just because my body isn’t what it once was, doesn’t mean it’s weak. I’ve given birth to three babies completely naturally. I’ve been breastfeeding or

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Enjoy the Journey

I don’t want to add a cliche to your list but I feel like every day I come to these small realizations. These aren’t life changing realizations and I imagine some people reading will have thought of this long before I did. That’s OK, keep reading! Today was a run day for me. I have

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When Life Keeps you Busy!

I’m jotting this blog down while my mind races off to tomorrow. I try my best to pull it back in but it’s useless, it’s gone. Some days my life is a haze of diapers, phone calls, to do lists, messy hands, and a messy house. My life is full of obligations, wants, and needs.

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