The Family We Choose

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These past two weeks we had a major shift in our schedules. What originally left me in a panic turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to lean on family.

One of the things that broke my heart most about moving away from home was leaving family. I wanted my daughter to grow up with all her cousins and wonderful aunts and uncles. I felt like she was going to miss out by being so far away from family. I was wrong.

Growing up those I considered family were more often than not the blood definition of family. My husband didn’t have the same experience. It took me years to sort out who was blood and who was the family he’d chosen. I get it now. I get it because we have been blessed to grow our family here in Texas by choice.

When my daughter talks about her “Uncle James Pants” (jeans) I can’t help but smile. When she asks if Uncle Tommy is going to be at Uncle JJ’s house, I know that she isn’t missing out on having aunts and uncles around. She still talks about Uncle Zack and Aunt Lindsey who moved almost a year ago. She loves the family we chose.

Working from home has a whole slew of challenges. It’s hard for me to switch from work mode to mom mode when the location doesn’t change. However, it’s nearly impossible to be in both modes.

I am so blessed to have a family here in Texas that helps when things get tough, that picks each other up when we’re down, that laughs together, that cries together, and that is there when we need them.

Sometimes I question why God is keeping us here when I long to be back in Michigan. Then I attend Sunday school, hang out with friends, and laugh until my face hurts. We have been blessed with a wonderful family. The family we were born into and the family we chose.


Happy Sunday!

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