You’ll never be so loved…

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A wonderful teacher I had in elementary school made a simple post that made a big impact. Teachers have been like that for me in my life, small lessons with big impact.

The gist of the post spoke on how you will never be so loved as you are now, that one day your children won’t want to be on top of you, they one day will choose space.

Today my son can’t get enough of me. He loves me so much he shakes with joy when he places his tiny hands on my cheeks. He climbs on me, moves my arm to make room for himself on my lap, and squeezes himself into the tiniest spots just to be near me. I’ll be the first to confess I don’t appreciate his love the way I should. One day he’ll mute my phone call, claim to hate me (my mama heart will certainly break with those words), and squirm away from my affection. Is your heart breaking yet?

My husband is a very affectionate person. He will take three kids piled on top of him and love every second of it. I like my space, at the end of the day I’m touched out (please mamas tell me I’m not alone). I love my children, there is no question about that, so why did I not get the snuggle gene??

Back to this post though… I will definitely miss this stage as it is already moving too fast. My sassy four year old is already too cool for her mom, so does that mean I only have two years left of lovings from my two year old? Are his requests for me to hold him coming to an end?? I’m not ready.

I can’t slow time down but I can take these moments in and slow down to enjoy them. I cringe at the times I’ve shaken my kids off me, moved them away when they wanted to show me love. It changes now. I never want them to question my love for them, and I want to soak up their love for me. I am one blessed mama.

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