Choose Joy

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Today I’m choosing Joy! I’ve been doing a purge of negativity in my life recently and the benefits are starting to shine through. I’m going to be very open in this post in hopes that it helps someone.

Not too long ago someone tried to break my spirit. Without going down a rabbit hole of details, I was called ignorant for offering positive information that didn’t fit the agenda someone was trying to push. I was taken aback by the backlash of cruel comments that were thrown my way and it really ate at me. Who doesn’t want to see light in dark times? Who doesn’t want to highlight good when things are going bad? Who wants to fight fear with fear, hate with hate, and evil with evil?

I used to have a social media feed that constantly hit me with people tearing people down, belittling people that didn’t think the way they did, insulting people for having a difference of opinion, and bullying people with insults and anger when they didn’t blindly follow their lead. It was mentally exhausting to see. How could people live like that? Be miserable so much of the day, playing key board warrior to strangers just because they were different? Why not open your eyes, your mind, your heart, to a view that’s not your own? Challenge yourself to grow. Challenge yourself to see what others see.

Today, someone made another attempt to dim my light. An attempt to break my spirit. And this time I was in a better place. I had purged so much negativity, filled that space with things that filled my soul and it had given me the tools to not give away my joy. There is so much evil in this world. There are so many people that are going to try and tear you down. People who want to steal your joy.


You know the song, This Little Light of Mine? Let your light shine. Choose joy every day and choose it over and over again! If we take nothing away from this time in isolation, take note of how short life is. Don’t let someone fill your moments with darkness. Let your light shine! Choose joy! Choose it right now!

God bless.

– E

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