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Eat the Ice-cream, Straight from the Carton

Today I asked my son what he wanted for dinner. He happily exclaimed, “chicken nuggets!” which was what I was hoping for. “And tater tots!” my daughter added – done and done. I preheated the oven and started making myself a salad as my daughter told me I’m the best cook ever (ha!). Take that

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Choose Joy

Today I’m choosing Joy! I’ve been doing a purge of negativity in my life recently and the benefits are starting to shine through. I’m going to be very open in this post in hopes that it helps someone. Not too long ago someone tried to break my spirit. Without going down a rabbit hole of

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Too excited to sleep!

My daughter doesn’t sleep in. She doesn’t slowly get up in the morning, she’s at a 10 from the moment her tiny eyes open to the moment they shut. I can’t count the mornings she’s rushed into my room, a ball of energy bouncing to tell me about the dream she had last night. Each

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