Measure What Matters

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What in your life do you measure? Do you count your money? Do you track the hours you work? How about the amount of time you spend on yourself? The time you spend with the Lord?

I’ve often been told you measure what matters to you. Your progress on a project, pounds lost, 401k, hours worked are just a few things that you probably can track with minimal effort. What about the things that are harder to measure? What about the quality of your relationships? Your level of self love? Your contributions to the world?

In the beginning of last year I took a moment to measure the different areas of my life. How satisfied was I with my relationship with God? My level of health? My time spent writing? My time spent with my family? And you know what? Nothing got a ten out of ten.

Next a made a list of what a ten looked like. What would my life look like if I rated every area a ten? I had the vision but now I needed to start somewhere closer to where I was at right now. I listed everything I had to do to move through each level in each area. Now what?

I measured my current state, wrote the perimeters for what my goal state was, and then I went to work. A level ten family life included more down time and vacations. A level ten relationship with God included more prayer and more time in the Word. A level ten writing career included writing a book and building an audience.

While vacations are on a temporary hold, we’re playing together more and laughing every day. That level is increasing. I’m reading my Bible daily and talking to God throughout the whole day. That level is rising. I started my blog, and you’re reading it!! It’s going up!

Measure what matters. Don’t stand still. Don’t tread water. Evaluate everything that matters in your life. Measure your satisfaction with those areas. Make a plan to increase the joy in your life and live your best life. If you’re not measuring it, it’s not at its best state that it can be.

God Bless.

– E

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