Coffee and Creativity

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I like to start my mornings at five in the morning. I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and write. After that I go for a nice long run and do a round of yoga. It’s calm, it’s peaceful, and it’s a lie!

My dream version of me does start her morning that way. My reality is three tiny children take their turns waking me up, I drink my coffee warm on a good day. I do get to run in the morning, then I tag my husband out and he gets to workout.

My mornings aren’t slow and peaceful, but I carve out moments. I keep telling myself I’m going to get up early and have some time to myself and my son keeps me waking up all night and so those early mornings seem impossible.

So instead my creativity comes at night with decaf and quiet fingers to avoid waking the baby. But my vision remains. Me, my writing, and a cup of coffee.

God Bless.

– E

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