For my son

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You snuggle into my shoulder, your hair smells of fresh shampoo. I lean my head into you as you look up at me. Your nose crinkles, your eyes light up and your sweet smile appears. Tiny baby teeth.

You raise your hand up high, a signal that you want something. You look to me and point to a corner filled with toys. I set you on the ground, you stumble to your feet.

Sweet baby giggles fill the room as you waddle towards your goal. A ball, a puzzle, a tiny truck, and wooden blocks stacked high.

Your tiny fingers reach for the tower as you bring it crumbling down. You squeal and clap and bend down low to bring it up again.

You wrap your hand around a block as you try to balance another. You turn back and hurry towards me, care free.

This world has not taken the innocence inside you. You don’t have to worry about what’s happening outside our doors as you chase your sister in circles. The choices of others don’t weigh heavy on your heart as you struggle to keep up with faster feet.

Explore. Run. Get dirty. Play pretend. Be whoever you want to be. One day you’re going to change the world my son, but today you don’t have to worry. Today you’re still my little boy.

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