Hot Mess Mama

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I’m failing. When I looked around my living room last night I hung my head in defeat, I’m failing. Wait. Stop. What?

My apartment needs some major TLC. The laundry I put on the chair to fold? My kids through it around the living room. The dishes? Piled in the sink because I can’t unload or load the dishwasher while my son is awake because little curious hands. The toys? They’re thrown everywhere because that’s what makes my kids smile. Shower? What’s that?

But failing? Failing what? Being a mama? My kids are such happy little goof balls that I must be doing something right! Failing at being a wife? My husband came home the other day, looked at me, and told me I was beautiful. No shower. Don’t know when I last changed my shirt. He still thinks I’m beautiful!

So am I failing myself? Should I give myself more TLC? Absolutely!! Massage booked for today. Whoo hoo! Shower first :)! But honestly? My heart is so full. I have so many blessings that I can’t be failing.

Mamas!! Give yourself grace!! Don’t let that shower go too long but hey, dry shampoo exists for a reason!! Little hands make big messes, your house won’t be perfect during this season of your life!

I’m not failing. I’m choosing joy! I’m filling my cup. Sometimes a clean house fills my cup. And sometimes watching six straight hours of The Office fills my cup. Balance πŸ™‚

So as I run around this morning trying to find my son’s sippy cup and racing to the whistle of the tea kettle I’m not failing. I’m doing my best and that’s enough!! I may be a hot mess mama and people may judge me. Judge away!! My heart is full!

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