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Hold on. You’re getting ahead of yourself E! We’ve still got 2.5 weeks before November arrives. So why is this post titled No-vember? Honestly, it’s fun and I can’t wait!

Many people have heard of No-Shave-November or No-Spend-November and I’m just going with a straight No-vember. Don’t worry I’m still going to shave in November since it’s still short weather here in Texas. So what does my No-vember mean?

It means No Zero Days! Every day, starting today and going well past the end of November, I’m going to do at AT LEAST one thing toward one or more of my goals. Every day needs to be used as one day closer to my goals.

Write down your goals! What can you do today, tomorrow, and next Thursday to get one step closer to your dream?

One of my goals is to get in better ship and make healthier choices. What can this look like on a No Zero Day? Hitting my water goals, going for a walk, going to bed early, hitting play, hitting 10,000 steps, or even saying no to sweets! Making better choices every day is going to get me closer to my goal!

My biggest goal, number one on my bucket list, is to get a book published. So every day I’m going to write, read, edit, and take steps towards my goal. No zero days!

Today I’m prepping my week to be successful. I’m filling my cup. I’m checking off my list to make sure today is not a zero day and that I can proudly say I did one thing towards my goals.

Write ’em down! Shout it out! Commit to No-vember!

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