Good-bye 2018

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The end of a year is a time that many take to reflect on where they are on their life’s journey. What have I accomplished? What do I still want to accomplish? What is my goal in the new year? Usually I enter the new year with an excitement, a hope, a thirst for a change. Not this year.

This year I have a focus. A word. A color. A goal. This may not look any different than your typical “New Year, New Me” outlook, and maybe it’s not. I’m not special (though my husband swears I am ;)). Just like there is magic in Christmas, there is a hopeful magic with the start of the New Year.

Are you living your best life? If the answer is no, why not? Just the same a job or a trainer may ask are you doing your best, life wants to know the same thing. I’m saddened to answer that I am not living my best life. That life looks different to everyone. Maybe it’s learning a new skill, maybe it’s helping more people, maybe it’s putting down your phone and being more present in your own life.

For me, my best life is a blend of a lot of different things. It’s not going to be easy. Which is why my word for 2019 is “Grace”. I need to have grace with myself as I make these changes from the inside out. It will take time and effort to see results.

So for 2019, I’m going to live my best life – with grace. I’m going to make the choices and changes necessary to make this my reality. What is your best life? What are you going to do in 2019 to make it your reality?

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