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Enjoy the Journey

I don’t want to add a cliche to your list but I feel like every day I come to these small realizations. These aren’t life changing realizations and I imagine some people reading will have thought of this long before I did. That’s OK, keep reading! Today was a run day for me. I have

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Dairy free, but not for me

I’m a week into being dairy free. I’d love to say I’m doing it for my health but right now that’s not my reason. I’m testing this for my son. Honestly I think I would have given up if I was doing it for myself. I would have made an excuse and dipped everything in

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Good-bye 2018

The end of a year is a time that many take to reflect on where they are on their life’s journey. What have I accomplished? What do I still want to accomplish? What is my goal in the new year? Usually I enter the new year with an excitement, a hope, a thirst for a

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