Like a Child

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I’m in this weird place lately. Fueled by pregnancy hormones and made worse by Texas heat, I’ve been struggling lately. I’ve been selfishly letting small things become bigger than they need to be. I’m not where I want to be mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Last night I cried after a video chat with my husband and my sweet girl asked me why I was sad. Truth be told I didn’t know what to tell her. I don’t know what has me in this funk. So what can I do to fix it? I prayed. I wish I could say I felt better immediately. I didn’t. But I did think about child like faith. I thought about how much I need to just trust God. Trust His plan, His purpose for my life.

My kiddos don’t worry about what they will eat, what they’ll wear, if they’re loved, how much money is in our bank account, etc. My kids love big without fear of rejection. My daughter does not like her brother loving on her. My son loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss his parents and his sister. He doesn’t care that his sister squirms away. He cuddled her the other day after his nap while she was still sleeping.

I need to be more like a child. Trust God more. Worry less. And go for it without fear of rejection. Child like faith.

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