Too excited to sleep!

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My daughter doesn’t sleep in. She doesn’t slowly get up in the morning, she’s at a 10 from the moment her tiny eyes open to the moment they shut. I can’t count the mornings she’s rushed into my room, a ball of energy bouncing to tell me about the dream she had last night. Each time I pried my eyes open, grumbled, and asked her to go back to her room until I was awake.

I’ve recently decided to change the way I look at situations I previously perceived as negative whenever possible. I used to see her early wake ups as a bad thing. Often it required me to wake up after a rough night with the baby. If I was already awake, I was robbed of my precious time to myself (which, let’s be real, is very rare). Instead I looked at it through her eyes. She is so excited about life that she can’t wait to get up in the morning. She bounces around, using her imagination to create her own little world and very rarely stopping to worry about anything going on in the world.

How can I apply this to my life? How can you apply it to yours? As adults we don’t always have the same luxuries as children but sometimes we just think we don’t. We could worry less. We could wake up with joy in our hearts. We could focus on more positive than negative. We could flex our imagination more.

So this morning, when my door flew up and four tiny feet came running (my son joined her today), I decided to wake up with joy. In a time when the world is falling apart I had my whole world in that room. Look for joy today, even if it’s not easy to find.

God bless.


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