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Fear is a Liar

Yesterday my mom called and we had a brief conversation that gave me a lot to think about. Ever have that happen? It wasn’t meant to be profound, it wasn’t meant to make me think, it was just a simple conversation. During our conversation we spoke about asking God to send you a message. I

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Living Unashamed

I was looking for a reason not to run this morning. I just didn’t want to go. So I told myself not to worry about my time. Not to worry about my distance. Just to go out and enjoy nature. As I went to turn on my podcast that I’ve been listening to I instead

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Measure What Matters

What in your life do you measure? Do you count your money? Do you track the hours you work? How about the amount of time you spend on yourself? The time you spend with the Lord? I’ve often been told you measure what matters to you. Your progress on a project, pounds lost, 401k, hours

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