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Balance is a tricky little bugger. When it comes to having balance in your life, it’s different from person to person. Your age, your family size, your values, your desires, your goals all help to shape the person you are. They all play a role in your balance. For one person they may want to

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Where is the starting line?

I’ve been a little off my game this week. I haven’t been running, I haven’t been working out, and my eating has been terrible. So I called for a restart tomorrow. But where is the starting line? I’ve called for a restart too many times to count in my life. Restart on healthy eating, restart

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I’m Stronger

I turned 32 three weeks ago and flipped a switch. I was done being out of shape and tired all the time. So I started eating better and running. But just because my body isn’t what it once was, doesn’t mean it’s weak. I’ve given birth to three babies completely naturally. I’ve been breastfeeding or

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